Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


Dragon Women & Uterus Galaxy

Uterus Galaxy
Milja Härkönen, Finland 2022
no dialogue

A woman’s uterus is the source of all life. However, none of us remember what the uterus sounds and looks like. Uterus Galaxy is an experimental animated documentary that explores what happens in the uterus when a 32-year-old woman is wondering whether she wants a baby or not.

Production notes

Dragon Women
Only a fraction of the leaders at the top of the finance industry are women. Belgian Frédérique de Montblanc’s film Dragon Women is an artful look into the lives of five of them. Without either disdain or admiration, the film depicts the female bosses working in companies whose yearly revenues range from a billion to nearly five hundred billion.

Jaana Semeri (translated by Inari Ylinen)

This documentary presents a series of intimate portraits of various senior women in the finance sector, revealing both the personas they’ve had to build for work and the parts of themselves they consciously leave at home.

Thanks to her house husband, Alison has managed to have a family while going up the corporate finance ladder in London. In Paris, Laetitia supports young talented women in the industry but oddly enough still cannot express her own desire for “power”. Perfectionist Martina has had the flawless professional path she dreamt off in Germany. In Singapore, Adeline controls both workplace and family with an iron fist while husband and kids express their weaknesses without fear. Junior Jennifer is a self-proclaimed workaholic living in Hong Kong but is starting to wonder who she is and what her future holds.

Production notes

Language: English, French, Korean, Mandarin, German
Subtitles: partial English
Length: 87 min
Age Limit: S
Year: 2022
Production Country: Belgium, Switzerland, South Korea

Director: Frédérique de Montblanc
Producer: Bart van Langendonck, Vincent Metzinger, Adrian Basler, Heejung Oh
Production Company: Savage Film
Distribution Company: Rise And Shine World Sales
Editing: Julie Naas
Cinematographer: Olivier Boonjing, Tristan Galand
Music: Nicolas Rabaeus
Sound Design: Roland Vogliate, Yann Elie-Gorans