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DocPoint & Yle Teema: Dingo ja levottomat tuhkimot

2024 marks 40 years since the start of the Dingo phenomenon. To celebrate, DocPoint and Yle Teema will hold a free screenings of the documentary Dingo ja levottomat tuhkimot and the Moment of the Movie programme delving into the new Dingo film! The documentaries will be presented on Fri, Feb 2 at 8 pm in Savoy Theatre and Yle Teema. Reserve your free tickets to the event below!

My Name Is Dingo: Moment of the Movie
The screening will begin with the Moment of the Movie programme, in which Mari Rantasila and other filmmakers as well as Pertti Neumann and Lasse Norres speak about the behind the scenes of the upcoming film Levoton Tuhkimo and their own relationship to Dingo.

Dingo ja levottomat tuhkimot
The documentary beaming 1980s zeitgeist tells the story of the most luminous pop music sensation in Finnish pop history. The viewers get to travel in time to Dingo’s tour bus, witness the stage hysteria and even follow along the attempt to conquer Europe. 

The band Dingo sank into the hearts of Finnish youths like a dagger, and the band’s music still lives on nearly 40 years after its first breakup. This gritty documentary tells about the Dingo as we, the band’s fans from the 80s remember. The incredible style icon Neumann, the modest stages they performed on, where the young audience cried and fainted, and the analysis of a psychologist on what the sexually explicit performance of Neumann means. The documentary features Dingo’s biggest hits live and tells about the early days of the band when the road to stardom was paved with debt money. Neumann also analyses his own work: the intuitive and fast songwriter wrote perhaps the biggest hits in Finnish pop history often very quickly. 

Looking at the polished and capitalism-riddled music industry of today, Dingo’s story is an almost archaic and deeply touching journey of self-made men from the suburbs of Pori to superstardom. Something crucial about Dingo emerges in the interviews of manager Lasse Norres and the fans: in the monoculture of Finland, genuine individuality was something dazzlingly new. 

Salla Nazarenko (translated by Jenni Kaunisto)

Original Title: Dingo ja levottomat tuhkimot
Language: Finnish
Subtitles: No subtitles
Length: 68 min
Age Limit: S
Year: 1986
Production Country: Finland

Director: Matti Hämäläinen
Cinematographer: Tarja Tammelin