Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


Discussion: Will There Be Justice?

Fragments of Humanity, a documentary film directed by Elli Rintala and produced by Ari Matikainen, sheds light on the grey area between war and peace, where conflicts can either escalate or still be peacefully negotiated. The topic is still very relevant. Today, over two decades after the Kosovo war, there are still at least two versions of the events, one in Kosovo, another in Serbia.

The panel discussion, relating to the film, on the topic “Will There Be Justice?” has been prepared in cooperation with Helena Ranta Forum, DocPoint and production company Kinocompany.

The discussion will be held on Tuesday 1st February 18-18.45 without an audience, streamed and saved for later viewing. The link to the stream will be published here closer to the time of the event.

Helena Ranta, Forensic Dentist, Professor, University of Helsinki

Katri Makkonen, Deputy Managing Director, Miltton

President Tarja Halonen
Kaius Niemi, Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin Sanomat
Antti Sajantila, Professor of Forensic Medicine, University of Helsinki

Tuesday 1st February at 18.00–18.45
Language: Finnish
Length: 45 min