Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


Discussion: Activism

Activism is one of the key themes of the 2022 DocPoint programme. In the discussion scheduled for Wednesday 2nd February @ 18–20, activists and experts talk about action, goals and how to achieve them.

We’re seeking answers to questions such as: Why does the media focus more on the means rather than the matter itself when discussing activism? Is there an operating model for effective activism? What makes a person take action? How does individual activism take shape into organized and professional action?

Introducing the speakers:

Juha Kauppinen is a non-fiction writer and environmental journalist, who has written about nature, the environment, society and politics in periodicals for over a decade now. His third book, Heräämisiä – kuinka minusta tuli luonnonsuojelija, was published in the autumn of 2021. Kauppinen acts as the moderator of the discussion.

Tuomas Ylä-Anttila is an associate professor of political sciences in the University of Helsinki. His research explores climate politics from a comparative perspective. He is especially interested in the role of political networks in climate politics and has also researched media, social movements and globalisation.

Joel Tainio is an activist, who has brought attention to the responsibility and role of the media as an primary source of information on the climate and environmental crisis. As an activist, he also has diverse experience in working cooperatively with associations.

Sini Harkki is an expert in climate matters, who has worked in various environmental organizations. As an activist, specialist, campaigner and executive, her focus has been on climate and forests. She currently works as Programme Director at Greenpeace Norden.

18.00 Opening words: Juha Kauppinen
18.05 Tuomas Ylä-Anttila: A social science perspective into our relationship with activism. Why do we focus on the means rather than the matter?
18.25 Joel Tainio: What makes a person take action? How does an active operating model unite individuals interested in the same matter?
18.45 Sini Harkki: From activism to professional action
19.05 Discussion lead by the moderator and questions from the audience
20.00 Discussion ends

If you’re interested in watching documentaries relating to the theme of Activism from DocPoint’s programme, we recommend checking out the following films: Bangla Surf Girls, Bank Job, F@ck This Job, Far Eastern Golgotha, From the Wild Sea, It’s Raining Women, A Night of Knowing Nothing, President, Rebellion, Sabaya and Writing with Fire.

Wednesday 2nd February at 18.00–20.00 ZOOM
Language: Finnish
Length: 120 min