Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


10 Letters to the Future

As the virus controls the world, schoolchildren start collecting letters to be encapsulated in a wooden chest built by the students, to be opened in more than 50 years. The documentary is a time capsule in itself: the main characters write their letters, addressing their loved ones or someone unknown they imagined in the future. A virus scientist, a climate activist, a political researcher and anti-vaccine demonstrators all see the future challenges of our societies in different lights.

Production notes

This uniquely told, touching documentary is like a hopeful whisper that encourages the viewer to take action. It offers a glimpse into the days, when the hustle of society settled down and all that remained were the personal, simple parts of life, and worry for the future. 

The stories unfold in the contradictions of many overlapping truths. When restlessness, fear, and conspiracies intrude into warm homes, it makes everyone search for their future path, somewhere between fear and hope. 10 Letters to The Future raises questions about responsibility and generational divides. It is a mysterious time capsule that leaves messages for future generations.

Heta Heikkala (translated by Vilma-Lotta Mustonen)

The film’s directors, the Poikkeustila collective are present in the screening on Wed, Feb 1.

Original Title: 10 kirjettä tulevaisuuteen
Language: Finnish, English, Hindi, Sami
Subtitles: English, partial Finnish
Length: 69 min
Age Limit: S
Year: 2023
Production Country: Finland

Director: Poikkeustila-työryhmä
Producer: Saara Helene Rawat, Anu Kuivalainen
Production Company: BonsaiFilms Oy
Distribution Company: BonsaiFilms Oy
Screenplay: Anu Kuivalainen, Susanna Helke, Saara Helene Rawat, Markku Heikkinen, Esa Illi
Editing: Katja Pällijeff F.C.E.
Cinematographer: Saija Mäki-Nevala, Esa Illi, Katja Gauriloff, Sanna Liljander, Theofanis Kavvadas, Sari Aaltonen F.S.C, Heikki Färm F.S.C., Pekka Uotila F.S.C., Saara Helene Rawat, Leena Kilpeläinen, Janne Niskala, Jussi Rastas, Emi Linnakoski, Laura Rantanen, Aarju Aalam, Tero Hanski/HUS
Music: Sanna Salmenkallio
Sound Design: Olli Huhtanen