DocPoint takes over Bio Rex to screen a surprise film

DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival brings out a surprise film, Cow by Andrea Arnold. This discussion stimulating film will have four screenings on Saturday 5th of February in Lasipalatsi’s Bio Rex. The online festival is running until Sunday 6th of February.

Held as a national online festival DocPoint 2022 brings a surprise film into the programme.

COW is the documentary debut of talented British Oscar-winning director Andrea Arnold. Cow tells the story of Luma, a cow living in a dairy farm. Luma’s part in industrialised farming is to be a mean of production in a man-made machine, but in her own reality Luma is a thoughtful and emotional being. The film depicts in a beautiful and touching way the everyday life of one cow.

Andrea Arnold won Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film with her film Wasp (2003). Her first feature film Red Road (2006) lifted her to international fame. Arnold’s films Fish Tank (2008) and American Honey (2016) won Jury Prizes at the Cannes film festival.

Originally, Cow was a part of DocPoint 2022 programme before the festival was moved online in the beginning of the year as a result of the tightened restrictions. The film wasn’t available for online screening, so it had to be left out of the programme. When the restrictions were lightened in Uusimaa in beginning of February, DocPoint was enabled to have four 50 person screenings of the film.

” Our disappointment was enormous when Cow was dropped out of the programme. It is a unique, remarkable film. Online festival has a lot of pros, but nothing beats movie theatre screenings with live audience. When we got the chance to take the festival to a theatre for a day, we knew instantly that Cow was the film to screen. We are very proud to dedicate the whole day in Bio Rex for this wonderful film” rejoices Kati Juurus the artistic director of DocPoint.

”The film places a mirror in front of us. It shows the everyday exploitative relationship between human and cattle”.

Cow will be screened in Lasipalatsi Bio Rex on Saturday 5th of February at 1:00pm, 3:30pm, 6:00pm and 8:30pm. The film won’t be available online.

The ticket sale for screenings will begin on Thursday 3rd of February at 12:00pm on DocPoint’s website.