DocPoint 2022 Reveals Three Anticipated Films – Serial Cards on Sale Now

DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival has revealed three anticipated films to be screened at the 2022 festival. Serial cards and tickets for two special events are now on sale.


Finland’s biggest documentary film festival DocPoint is held in Helsinki for the 21st time from 31st January to 6th February in 2022. The festival brings the most anticipated Finnish premieres and the most talked international documentaries to the big screen. The best Finnish and international films will be awarded in the National Competition and the International Competition, respectively.

Three certain attractions of DocPoint’s international programme are COW, SABAYA and REBELLION, which are some of the biggest documentary films of the year.

Cow is the documentary film debut of well-known Oscar winning director Andrea Arnold. The film is about a cow named Luma who lives on a farm. This shocking film doesn’t exaggerate but presents the reality in a beautiful yet terrifying way and shows how Luma has been reduced to a mere mean of production by humans. Cow is a touching film, which has been compared to Gunda, which was the audience’s favourite in last year’s DocPoint.

Sabaya is a distressing documentary about women who have been captured by ISIS and held as sex slaves. The film is directed by Hogir Hirori who was born in Kurdistan but nowadays lives in Sweden. The documentary follows a daring and dangerous attempt to save these women from the refugee camp of Al-Holi. Spectacular film has stirred up conversation about the ethics of documentary filmmaking and the status of the people in film.

Rebellion is about Elokapina movement, its birth and development. The film by Maia Kenworthy and Elena Sanchez Bellot depicts the first steps of Elokapina and their many conflicts with politicians and officials. Exciting and honest film explores the motivations of the people in charge and the tensions within the movement.

– It is a privilege to present these films and other significant premieres to the Finnish audience. For example the world premiere of Rebellion was just a couple of days ago in Amsterdam in the World’s biggest documentary film festival IDFA. The film could hardly be any more topical in Finland. We hope that it will increase understanding and shed light on the background of Elokapina, says the artistic director of DocPoint Kati Juurus.

– The exceptional year of 2021 has brought us many great documentaries. It is wonderful to see them on the big screen – after such a long wait! – together with an excited audience.

The upcoming DocPoint film festival brings around 100 films.  Some of the films will be watchable online. The programme will be revealed in its entirety on 20th of January in 2022, which is also when the ticket sale will be opened.

Serial tickets are now on sale on DocPoint’s website.


Expeditions in theatre and in concert hall

Besides films DocPoint is known for its events. The upcoming festival is no exception. This time DocPoint will make travels into theatre and music. DocPoint and Helsinki festival cooperate to bring the world premiere of TWO PHONE CALLS, a piece of documentary theatre. This artwork is based on the famous phone calls of Aleksei Navalnyi and Donald Trump. The performance combines these two phone calls and reveals the ways powerful countries exploit their power, and paints a tragical and grotesque image of incompetence and corruption.

Two Phone Calls will be performed in Kallio hall on Pengerkatu on Saturday 29th of January, Tuesday 1st of February and Wednesday 2nd of February. The show is directed and adapted by Tuomo Rämö, and Outi Condit and Iida-Maria Lindstedt play the leading roles. The ticket sale for Two Phone Calls has opened on DocPoint’s website.

Cine Concert is a co-production of DocPoint and Savoy theatre. The concert takes the audience to Antarctica along with a research crew of the 1910s. SOUTH is a spectacular piece of early documentary film, which is combined with modern music in Cine Concert. Nik Void and Ilpo Väisänen, two pioneers of experimental music create an acoustic world mix of ambient, avantgarde, techno and noise.

South is presented in Savoy theatre on Sunday 6th of February. The ticket sales for cine concert has opened on DocPoint’s website.

More Programme reveals and other interesting picks are to come on DocPoint’s Christmas Calendar, which can be found on the festival’s Instagram. Festival’s trailer has been released and it is watchable on DocPoint’s website. Get the latest news by subscribing to DocPoint’s newsletter on DocPoint’s webpage.


DocPoint will be held in Helsinki from 31st January to 6th February 2022. The Festival Programme is published and the ticket sales for individual screenings begin on 20th January. A selection of festival screenings will be available online. The ticket sales for serial cards has started at DocPoint website.