DocPicks for Monday: Black Lives Matter

The 20-year-old DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival will be organized online due to Covid-restrictions. The 71 films in the programme will be screened from Friday 29th Jan until Sunday 7th Feb at Festhome – and for the first time, everywhere in Finland! DocPoint’s Daily Picks will help you navigate through the possibly overwhelming programme of the festival.

February kicks off Black History Month – with DocPoint proud to support such an important cause. Monday’s theme is Black Lives Matter: the films included in this theme shed light to the historical background of contemporary antiracist movements by portraying the battles African Americans fought in the 60’s and 70’s.

Sam Pollard’s MLK/FBI dives into the FBI director J. Edgar Hoover’s obsession with Martin Luther King Jr. and touches on the depressingly timely themes of structural racism and power of the media.

Mia Donovan’s DOPE IS DEATH is a film about the activism of Black Panthers and other revolutionaries around drugs; they took over a hospital and combined anti-drug and anti-capitalist activism with acupuncture to help people struggling with addiction.

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