Mehrdad Oskouei: A Voice for the Silenced »

DocPoint’s retrospective guest Mehrdad Oskouei decided at 15 to become a voice for those unable to speak for themselves. When Mehrad Oskouei was 15 years old, he decided to kill himself. His merchant father had gone bankrupt numerous times due to his gentle-heartedness and no one was there to answer the family’s calls for help. […]

Festival picks of the day (2019) »

Feel good movies for the weekend! The technically accomplished, smoothly rolling LOS REYES  and its sympathetic characters provide a welcome breather between busy daily routines. The daily bustle in the Los Reyes skate park in Chile is observed in the film from the vantage point of two dog pals. THE ARTIST & THE PERVERT presents an unconventional […]

DocPoint Picks of the Day: Thursday, Jan 31st (2019) »

Day four of the festival starts with a Masterclass with the festival’s retrospective guest Helena Třeštíková in Kino Regina at 10:00–12:00. Among the reruns during the weekend are Třeštíková’s A MARRIAGE STORY and DOOMED BEAUTY. A seminar in Dubrovnik asks whether digitalisation is killing film criticism and examines the future prospects of film criticism. The […]

DocPoint Picks of the Day: Wednesday, Jan 30th (2019) »

The third day of the festival is full of unique events, excellent documentary films and interesting meetings with the makers! MONROVIA, INDIANA by Frederick Wiseman, who is regarded as the most important American documentarist, provides an insight into the life in the American countryside and starts the day in Kino Regina. BAMBOO STORIES gets its […]

DocPoint picks of the day: Tuesday, Jan 29th (2019) »

The second day of the festival offers a varied selection of the best of new documentary cinema from Finland and abroad. Gems from the archive will also be explored as the Apollo Award winning cinematographer Marita Hällfors will be present at the screening of A BLACK CAT ON THE SNOW (MUSTA KISSA LUMIHANGELLA, 1998) along […]

Time does not always heal: Helena Třeštíková’s interview (2019) »

DocPoint’s retrospective guest is Czech filmmaker Helena Třeštíková. Award-winning director observes and films her protagonists for years, sometimes decades. The documentarist’s style of filmmaking – which has become a trademark of hers – reveals that neither individuals nor societies always learn from the past. The Czech Republic was still communist Czechoslovakia, when Helena Třeštíková, having […]