DocPicks: Tips for Thursday

DocPicks III

On Thursday at DocPoint it’s the chance to see the international premiere of VIDEO BLUES, with director Emma Tusell joining the screening at Maxim to answer questions from the audience. The director’s childhood home videos form the material of the film, which she rewinds again and again to try to find the truth about her family relationships.

Retrospective Guest Mehrdad Oskouei offers an open Masterclass at Kino Regina from 12–15. During the Masterclass, Oskouei will talk about his working methods and philosophy and will show clips of his films. Alongside Oskouei will be producer Siavash Jamali. The director will also be present for the retrospective screening of THE OTHER SIDE OF BURKHA/ NOSE IRANIAN STYLE. If you still want a ticket, get moving quickly!

XY Chelsea is an intimate portrait documentary about whistleblower and trans-activist Chelsea Manning, after seven years of imprisonment. The lingering camera records how much Manning tries to explain her actions and her own identity, while confronted by preconceptions and personal struggles. In Thursday’s second trans story SEAHORE: THE DAD WHO GAVE BIRTH, Freddy McConnell goes through his relationship with masculinity and the right to his own body. The story gives the viewer a chance to confront their own prejudices.

At Bio Rex will be one of DocPoint’s most talked about films: CITIZEN K offers an interesting look at Russia’s recent history through the story of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, an ex-oligarch who fell on the wrong side of Vladimir Putin. John Webster’s moving new film EYE TO EYE also has its world premiere at Bio Rex. Homicide victims’ loved ones try to find closure in their lives as they take part in restorative dialogue, a process aimed at alleviating trauma symptoms.

Director and photographer Mika Mattila will be present for two Q&A sessions. Mattila’s CARNIVAL PILGRIMS critically examines global tourism. SHADOW FLOWERS, in which Mattila was also involved as cinematographer, tells the story of North Korean Kim Ryun-hee’s failed attempts at trying to get back to her home country.

5 years in the making feature documentary THE CIRCLE presents an ecocommunity’s rise and fall! Director Margit Lillak will be at Orion for the screening. Director Yuki Kawamura will be at Kinopalatsi for the screening of NORIE, a film in which he collects fragments of a picture of his late mother.

Directors Elsa Kremser and Levin Peter will be at Kinopalatsi for the screening of SPACE DOGS. It is a hybrid documentary that brings together archive material about the role of street dogs in the space exploration of the Soviet Union. It addition, it is a poetic portrayal of Moscow’s streets of today from a dog’s perspective.

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