Reruns on the festival weekend

All the reruns have now been puclished and the ticket sales has begun.

Additional screenings of THE CAVE, CARNIVAL PILGRIMS,  BEYOND THE VISIBLE – HILMA AF KLINT, SILICON VALLEY, BABY. and KELET for the festival weekend.


CARNIVAL PILGRIMS is a sharp documentary about the global turism. The film’s rerun takes place on Saturday the 1st Feb at 13 (Kinopalatsi 7). Oscar nominted THE CAVE screens once more on Sunday the 2nd February at 13.30 (Kinopalatsi 1) and the highly praised Hilma af Klint documentary BEYOND THE VISIBLE – HILMA AF KLINT on Sunday the 2nd at 17.15 (Kinopalatsi 5).

Due to the high demand the festival screens also SILICON VALLEY, BABY. (Kinopalatsi 8, Sun 2.2. at 14.15) and KELET (Kino Regina Sun 2.2. at 19) one more time on the final day of the festival.

Tickets are now on sale!


RIDGE Sat 1.2. at 12, Maxim 1

CARNIVAL PILGRIMS Sat 1.2. at 13, Kinopalatsi 7

THE CAVE Sun 2.2. at 13.30, Kinopalatsi 1

SILICON VALLEY, BABY. Sun 2.2. at 14.15, Kinopalatsi 8

The Audience Award winner KELET, Sun 2.2. Maxim 1 at 15.30/3.30pm

BEYOND THE VISIBLE – HILMA AF KLINT su 2.2. klo 17.15, Kinopalatsi 5

KELET su 2.2. klo 18.30, Kinopalatsi 1

KELET su 2.2. klo 19, Kino Regina

SILICON VALLEY, BABY. su 2.2. klo 19.30, Kinopalatsi 7