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DocPicks II

Criticism of capitalism and complicated family relations

Numerous guests are arriving to DocPoint festival on Wednesday, January 29th. Among them is the main guest of this year’s festival Mehrdad Oskouei, who will be present at the Q&A session after his film SUNLESS SHADOWS, together with the producer Siavash Jamal. SUNLESS SHADOWS is a unique film about Iranian women who murdered their father or their husband, but then found a new freedom and a new community in prison.

The day will start in Kino Regina with a seminar about Gulag. The seminar will deal with the forced-labour camp organisation during Stalin’s rule, that made about 18 million victims – around 20 000 Finns also died or disappeared in those camps. After the seminar three films related to Stalin’s persecutions will be screened: WOMEN OF THE GULAG, IMMORTAL, and SILENT DISPLACEMENT – THE UNKNOWN DEPORTATION OF INGRIA, after which there will be a Q&A with the director Anneli Kustfält.

The award-winning film MOTHER observes family relations from an intimate point of view. Europeans send their old relatives who suffer from dementia to Thailand, where Pomm works as their caregiver. At the same time, Pomm has to live far from her own children. The director Kristof Bilsen will attend the Q&A session organised after the screening.

The beautiful NORIE will be screened at Maxim. It’s a film about a mother, wife and friend, who died at a young age and keeps on living in dreams and memories. Norie’s son, the director Yuki Kawamura, will be present at the screening. The atmosphere will change completely with FAMILY RELATIONS, where an ex-wife and her adult children expose their thoughts on the family’s despotic patriarch. The inventive visual narration tells their story through the lens of humor. LONG DAY TOMORROW is an empowering portrait of doctor Helene Pyz, who dedicates her life to helping inhabitants of the Jeevodaya centre. The director Pawel Wysoczański will attend the Q&A session after the screening.

Kinopalatsi will screen portraits of the youth and critical views of capitalism. The anguish of youngsters and the complexity of family relations are intertwined in two delicate movies: PUNKS, where a handful of teenagers are sent to the countryside to settle down, and I LOVE YOU I MISS YOU I HOPE I SEE YOU BEFORE I DIE, where daughters’ traumas are inherited from their young mothers. MATING describes, without judgement, the life of the Z-generation through the documentation made by the young couple itself.

PUSH, directed by Fredrik Gertten, dives into the globalised real estate investments and shows a critical perspective on capitalism. Gertten will attend the Q&A session after the film. THE WHALE AND THE RAVEN examines animal rights by making the voices of whales, of whale researchers, and of the native Gitga’at people heard. The sounds of tankers also infiltrate the whales’ habitat. The director Mirjam Leuze will be present at the screening.

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