Leading Documentary Filmmakers to Visit DocPoint

DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival (from January 27 to February 2, 2020) welcomes a variety of documentary filmmakers to Helsinki. In addition to the interesting Finnish filmmakers over 20 international guests will be attending the festival.

DocPoint’s renowned guest list includes the directors of ADVOCATE, Rachel Leah Jones and Philippe Bellaiche as well as the film’s protagonist, Israeli human rights advocate Lea Tsemel.

The 1960s supermodel and feminist thinker who is also known for being a muse of Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalí Benedetta Barzini brings THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MY MOTHER to Helsinki together with her son Beniamino Barrese, the director of the film.

The retrospective guest of this year’s DocPoint is one of the most acclaimed Iranian documentary filmmakers Mehrdad Oskouei. He will bring the highly topical SUNLESS SHADOWS to the festival with the film’s producer Siavash Jamalin . Oskouei will be presenting a Masterclass on Thursday January 30th, which will be free and open to all audiences. Read an interview with the director in our blog!

Another Masterclass will be held on Friday, January 31st. Danish director Eva Mulvad will talk about her working methods and introduce her latest film LOVE CHILD, an intimate documentary of an Iranian refugee couple and their child.

Alina Rudnitskaya is known for her acerbic documentaries studying the status of modern women in Russia. Her film SCHOOL OF SEDUCTION centres on three women learning the ABC of seduction on a special course on pleasing men.

Award-winning director Thomas Balmès (b. 1969) brings his new film to Helsinki. The documentary SING ME A SONG continues with the theme of the 2014 DocPoint festival favourite Happiness. In Balmès’ new documentary, life is about to change for Buddhist monk Peyangki as internet and social media arrive in his remote village in Bhutan.

Austrian director, producer and author Elsa Kremser and German filmmaker Levin Peter present their new film SPACE DOGS, an arresting hybrid documentary containing rare archival footage. The film studies the role dogs have played in the Russian space exploration effort, and the lives they live on the streets of Moscow.

Fredrik Gertten, whose background is in journalism, tends to focus on societal subjects in his films. PUSH is a critical study of finance capitalism through the lens of the global housing crisis.

Canadian director Philip Hoffman returns to DocPoint to present his new, ecologically processed film VULTURE. Hoffman, a former professor of the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, combines the intimate and personal with fictional and documentary material in his work.

The award-winning Belgian filmmaker Kristof Bilsen comes to Helsinki to present his new film MOTHER. Spanish director Emma Tusell’s film VIDEO BLUES will have it’s international premiere at DocPoint.

DocPoint will screen a number of Japanese documentaries and there will be two Japanese filmmaker guests. Tatsuya Mori’s latest film i – DOCUMENTARY OF THE JOURNALIST was recently awarded the Japanese Cinema Splash Best Film Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival. The documentary focuses on press freedom in Japan by following the reporter Isoko Mochizuki and her battle for truth. Atsushi Kasezawa’s A STEP FORWARD follows a priest trying to save those attempting suicide on top of a cliff.

Estonian director Margit Lillak’s second feature film THE CIRCLE depicts an Estonian ecological community. The filming began in 2014, which allows the documentary to witness the rise and fall of the commune – both the good intentions and the dark sides of humanity, but always through an empathic lens.

German director Mirjam Leuze is interested in issues to do with society and human rights. In her latest work THE WHALE AND THE RAVEN she focuses on animal rights.

Acclaimed polish director Paweł Wysoczański brings his latest film LONG DAY TOMORROW, which follows the work and life of a gutsy Polish doctor at an Indian leprosy clinic.

Swedish director, tv producer and cultural journalist Anneli Kustfält presents her documentary SILENT DISPLACEMENT – THE UNKNOWN DEPORTATION OF INGRIA at DocPoint. Kustfälts touching film gives voice to those who suffered through Stalin’s Great Purge and fled though Finland to Sweden.