The Audience Award and the Critic’s Choice goes to GODS OF MOLENBEEK (2019)

The audiences and the critic are unanimous: DocPoint’s opening film GODS OF MOLENBEEK is the winner of both the Audience Award and the Critic’s Choice! Director Reetta Huhtanen’s film will be shown in a rerun screening on Sunday, February 3rd at 14.45 at the Maxim cinema. The tickets are on sale now online and at the festival box office.

During the festival week, the audience cast their vote for the Audience Award from the New Finnish Films programme. The winning film will receive an award sponsored by P. Mutasen Elokuvakonepaja as well as a piece of Finnish forest.

The Critic’s Choice was made by Tue Steen Müller, a Danish critic who writes for the website. Müller says: “The filmmaker has cleverly made a film that puts the magic of childhood in the foreground as a comment to the world around the two boys. It’s charming, it’s what we remember from our own childhood, it’s what a grandfather like me sees so often, it gives hope, doesn’t it? This film will travel the world.”