Festival picks of the day (2019)

Feel good movies for the weekend! The technically accomplished, smoothly rolling LOS REYES  and its sympathetic characters provide a welcome breather between busy daily routines. The daily bustle in the Los Reyes skate park in Chile is observed in the film from the vantage point of two dog pals. THE ARTIST & THE PERVERT presents an unconventional love story: a child of Nazis, the world-famous Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas lives in a 24/7 BDSM relationship with an African-American body positivity activist and kinky sex advisor Mollena Williams-Haas. Williams-Haas will be present at the screening to answer questions from the audience in her usual style which is guaranteed to amaze and outrage! A different kind of female energy is on offer in MAIDEN, a film set in the seas of the world. It is a magnificent portrayal of the will power, with which Tracy Edwards took her 12-woman crew around the world – despite an army of doubters. One of the crew members was Finnish sailor Mikaela von Koskull.

Composed largely from historical footage shot on 16 mm film, JOHN MCENROE – IN THE REALM OF PERFECTION is an elegant hybrid of motion, dedication and obsession. Striving for perfection in the film is, of course, John McEnroe the man who dominated the tennis courts in the 80s like an autocratic auteur whose toughest opponent turned out to be himself. Telling a story about a different kind of obsession is FOR THE BIRDS. The startling film introduces us to Kathy, a real-life crazy bird lady, who lives in her small house with her husband – and 200 birds.

ISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS draws a visually stunning allegory between asylum seekers stuck in limbo on Christmas Island and 50 million Christmas Island red crabs. Set in a water park in a Parisian suburb, TREASURE ISLAND is the perfect antidote for acute longings for the summer!

The Weekend’s Q&As:

Saturday 2nd Feb.

11:30 Dance of Outlaws – Q&A with director Mohamed El Aboudi and cinematographer Marita Hällfors, Kino Regina (in Finnish).
12:00 New Finnish Visions – Student Films – Q&A with directors Juho Reinikainen, Laura Rantanen, Fanni Mikkonen, Milja Nieminen, Tuuli Teelahti, Elina Hyvärinen, Iiti Yli-Rinne, Maxim 1 (in Finnish).
13:00 Meet the Makers II – Present at the discussion event directors Bernhard Braunstein and Rosine Mbakam, Bio Rex Lounge, free admission.
15:00 Acid Forest – Q&A with director Rugile Barzdžiukaitė, Kinopalatsi 5.
15:30 The Artist & The Pervert – Q&A with protagonist Mollena Williams-Haas, Kinopalatsi 1.
16:15 The Blackouts – Q&A with director Oliwia and Jerem Tonteri, Kinopalatsi 8 (in Finnish).
18:30 The Time of Forests – Q&A with director François-Xavier Drouet, Bio Rex.
21:15 Aquarela – Q&A with director Viktor Kossakovsky, Bio Rex.

SUNDAY 3rd Feb.

12:00 Atelier de Conversation – Q&A with director Bernhard Braunstein, Savoy.
13:30 Chez Jolie Coiffure – Q&A with director Rosine Mbakam, Kinopalatsi 5.
15:15 Four Parts of a Folding Screen – Q&A with directors Anthea Kennedy and Ian Wiblin, Kinopalatsi 5.
15:15 Walden – Q&A with director Daniel Zimmerman, Maxim 2.
18:15 Bathtubs over Broadway – Q&A with director Dava Whisenant, Kinopalatsi 7.

The acclaimed LUONNONLAKI depicting the generational change at a Savonian farm is screened in Andorra at 13:00. After the screening a panel discussion organised by Long Play examines what the future holds for rural areas (and us all). Rounding up the night is the the award ceremony where the winners of the Uneton48 short film competition are awarded – and celebrated at the Uneton48 club night from 22:00.

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