DocPoint Picks of the Day: Thursday, Jan 31st (2019)

Day four of the festival starts with a Masterclass with the festival’s retrospective guest Helena Třeštíková in Kino Regina at 10:00–12:00. Among the reruns during the weekend are Třeštíková’s A MARRIAGE STORY and DOOMED BEAUTY. A seminar in Dubrovnik asks whether digitalisation is killing film criticism and examines the future prospects of film criticism. The seminar is introduced by Carmen Grey who has herself forged a successful career in film criticism and starts at 16:00.

Kinopalatsi 1 screens films located in Chile and Mexico. Starting the festival day in Kinopalatsi 1 is THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR LIFE, in which the director strives to understand why his brother has joined a Catholic fringe movement that has secluded itself from the infidels. Next up is the captivating MAMACITA telling the story of the director’s 95-year-old grandmother who has dedicated her life to beauty. She is a real matriarch and a mega diva: with strong make-up and strong opinions Mamacita does not bow to anyone. Rounding up the day in Kinopalatsi 1 is one of the festival’s hits LOS REYES, which portrays the life of two stray dogs in a Chilean skate park.

There are also interesting historical documents in store: for his film PROCESS, Sergei Loznitsa has restored archive film footage from the 1930 Industrial Party Trial, editing the 11-day charade down into two hours. The narration in YOURS IN SISTERHOOD is reminiscent of a journal club as modern women read out loud old reader’s letters from a feminist magazine, opening up the wide array of lived, everyday feminism.

Q&As taking place today with the following screenings:
13:00 RENÉ – Q&A with director Helena Třeštíková, Kino Regina.
15:00 A MARRIAGE STORY – Q&A with director Helena Třeštíková, Kino Regina.
15:30 LETTERS TO A BOOK THIEF– Q&A with director Caio Cavechini, Kiasma
17:15 THE FACE OF DEATH – Q&A with director Kiti Luostarinen and cinematographer Marita Hällfors, Andorra.
17:30 RIDE OF PASSAGE / CROSSING TRACKS / THE WILD SWANS – Q&A with directors Katri Myllyniemi and Vilja Autiokyrö, director Otso Alanko, Savoy.
18:00 FOURTH WALL / LOVE THE MOST / IT’S NOT SILENCE – Q&A with director Laura Rantanen, producer Anna Mellin, director Antti Seppänen and director Joonas Salo, Bio Rex.
18:15 THE OTHER SIDE OF MARS – Q&A with director Minna Långström, Kiasma.
19:15 ATELIER DE CONVERSATION – Q&A with director Bernhard Braunstein, Andorra.
18:45 BAMBOO STORIES – Q&A with director Shaheen Dill-Riaz, Itis 5.
18:45 YOUNG SOLITUDE – Q&A with director Claire Simon, Maxim 2.
20:00 THE HYPNOTIST – Q&A with director Arthur Franck and producer Oskar Forstén, Bio Rex.
20:30 THE ARTIST & THE PERVERT – Q&A with director René Gebhardt, producer Antje Wilms, main protagonist Mollena Williams-Haas, Maxim 1.
21:00 ACID FOREST – Q&A with director Rugile Barzdžiukaitė, Kinopalatsi 6.
21:30 BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY – Q&A with director Dava Whisenant, Maxim 2.

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