DocPoint Picks of the Day: Wednesday, Jan 30th (2019)

The third day of the festival is full of unique events, excellent documentary films and interesting meetings with the makers!

MONROVIA, INDIANA by Frederick Wiseman, who is regarded as the most important American documentarist, provides an insight into the life in the American countryside and starts the day in Kino Regina. BAMBOO STORIES gets its world premiere in a sold-out screening – the director Shaheen Dill-Riaz will give a master class that is open to all at 1pm in Andorra. The Apollo Award winner Marita Hällfors will conduct a seminar in Dubrovnik from 4pm elaborating on, among other things, the collaboration between a cinematographer and the director while filming.

Meet the Makers I in Bio Rex Lounge at 7pm provides an opportunity for informal discussions with the filmmakers present. THE BORDER FENCE examines a current topic: how, rather than building fences, humanity and human encounters work best. The late screening at Maxim 1 OUT consists of material shot by LGBT youths coming out to their families. The festival reruns will be announced in the evening so stay tuned!

Q&As taking place today with the following screenings:

15:00 Putin’s Witnesses – Q&A with director Vitali Manski, Savoy
15:45 New Finnish Visions – Student Films – Q&A with directors, Kinopalatsi 1
16:30 Mallory – Q&A with director Helena Třeštíková, Andorra
16:45 Young Solitude – Q&A with director Claire Simon, Kinopalatsi 8
17:00 Dark Eden – Q&A with directors Jasmin Herold and Michael Beamish, Maxim 1
18:00 Ride of Passage / Crossing Tracks / The Wild Swans – Q&A with directors Katri Myllyniemi and Vilja Autiokyrö, director Otso Alanko, producer Liisa Karpo and director Laura Mendelin, Bio Rex
18:00 Home Games – Q&A with director Alisa Kovalenko, Kinopalatsi 7
19:00 The Raven and the Seagull – Q&A with director Lasse Lau, Kinopalatsi 5
19:00 Bamboo Stories – Q&A with director Shaheen Dill-Riaz, Maxim 1
19:15 Bhagat and the Demons – Q&A with director Jouko Aaltonen and cinematographer Marita Hällfors, Andorra
20:30 The Other Side of Mars – Q&A with director Minna Långström, Bio Rex
20:30 Gods of Molembeek – Q&A with director Reetta Huhtanen, Kinopalatsi 7

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