DocPoint picks of the day: Tuesday, Jan 29th (2019)

The second day of the festival offers a varied selection of the best of new documentary cinema from Finland and abroad. Gems from the archive will also be explored as the Apollo Award winning cinematographer Marita Hällfors will be present at the screening of A BLACK CAT ON THE SNOW (MUSTA KISSA LUMIHANGELLA, 1998) along with the film’s director Anu Kuivalainen. Tuesday is brought to a close by the best book thief in Brazil as Caio Cavechini presents the festival audience his film LETTERS TO A BOOK THIEF.

Tuesday presents an excellent opportunity to ask the filmmakers about the stories behind their films. Filmmakers will be present at screenings of both Finnish and international films. Q&As will take place, for example, at the following screenings (below is the start time for the screening, the Q&A will take place after the film):

15:30 A Black Cat on the Snow, Q&A with director Anu Kuivalainen and cinematographer Marita Hällfors, Andorra.

16:30 Bathtubs Over Broadway, Q&A with director Dava Whisenant, Kinopalatsi 7.

18:00 The Blackouts – Q&A with directors Oliwia and Jerem Tonteri, Bio Rex.

18:30 Dark Eden – Q&A with directors Jasmin Herold and Michael Beamish, Kinopalatsi 7.

19:45 The Artist & The Pervert – Q&A with director René Gebhardt and producer Antje Wilms, Savoy.

19:45 Home, Sweet Home – Q&A with director Shinichi Ise, Andorra.

21:00 Letters to a Book Thief – Q&A with director Caio Cavechini.

TARLING IS DARLING at 20:15 Maxim 2

With its long shots, Tarling is Darling dives deep into the intimate lives of its protagonists and the steamy atmosphere of Javanese nightclubs, where the performances give Eurovision a run for its money.

ACID FOREST at 18:15 Kinopalatsi 6

The Curonian Spit sounds like a place-name found on the map sheet of a fantasy novel. It also looks unreal. The real masters of the sandspit are the great cormorants, who have transformed the area into a ghostly landscape.

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