Wheelchair tickets are available for purchase online from January 12 onwards or from the festival ticket sales desks January 27 onwards. If you have a wheelchair but wish to sit on a seat, please choose a regular ticket.

Free tickets for personal assistants can be requested by emailing tickets@docpoint.fi. Please note that if a screening is already sold out, seating for personal assistants cannot be provided. During the festival, we cannot guarantee the delivery of an assistant ticket to a screening on the same day. Please make your reservation in advance to ensure a ticket for your personal assistant. We also recommend that you notify tickets@docpoint.fi of your arrival at theatres in advance, so we can ensure staff are available to help if necessary.

Bio Rex
2 wheelchair spaces. The wheelchair spaces are located on the upper level of the cinema, next to the entrance. Bio Rex is located on the second floor of Lasipalatsi. An accessible entrance is from the Lasipalatsinaukio side of the building, through the Amos Rex Museum Shop. When the museum is closed the entrance is from the Restaurant Lasipalatsi. Outside of the museum’s opening hours (Mon, Wed–Fri: 11am–8pm & Sat–Sun: 11am–5pm) please call 050 434 8803 upon arrival. The staff at the Festival Centre will assist you.

Kinopalatsi 1: 2 wheelchair spaces. Kinopalatsi 5–10: 1 wheelchair space per screen. Kinopalatsi screenings rooms are located on three different floors. Kinopalatsi has elevators, which you can access through the entrance on Mikonkatu. Accessible WCs are located on floors 0, 1 and 3. Please ask the Kinopalatsi staff for assistance if needed. More information on the cinema’s website.

Cinema Orion
2 wheelchair spaces. A temporary wheelchair ramp can be put in place in a separate entrance, leading from a stairwell to the cinema’s balcony. The ramp is light and quite steep, and unfortunately not accessible with an electric wheelchair or without assistance. Please contact Orion (info(at)cinemaorion.fi) before arriving with a wheelchair to guarantee a smooth service. A personal assistant is recommended. Unfortunately, the restrooms and the ticket desk are not wheelchair accessible. More info on the cinema’s website.

Kino Regina
2 wheelchair spaces. Kino Regina is accessible from Oodi Helsinki Central Library’s ground floor. The north entrance is nearest to the cinema. There are accessible WCs in the building near the cinema, reachable by an elevator. More info on Oodi’s website.

Savoy Theatre
6 wheelchair spaces. The main entrance is equipped with a wheelchair ramp and the theatre hall is accessible with a wheelchair. Please note, that the main entrance door is quite heavy. There is an accessible WC in the foyer. More info on the theatre’s website.

Maxim 1 and Maxim 2 both have 2 wheelchair spaces each. A stairlift can be used to access the Maxim 1 floor and the Maxim 2 balcony as well as an accessible WC. However, the bar area is unfortunately not accessible.

Pop Up Kino – Tiivistämö
2 wheelchair spaces. The main door has a wheelchair ramp and the bar is accessible via a stairlift from the first floor hall. There is an accessible WC right next to the entrance on the ground floor.