You can buy separate wheelchair tickets online from January 11 onwards or from the festival ticket sales desks January 27 onwards. If you use a wheelchair but wish to sit on a seat, please choose a regular ticket.

Free tickets for personal assistants can be requested by emailing Please note that if a screening is already sold out, seating for personal assistants cannot be provided. During the festival, we cannot guarantee the delivery of an assistant ticket to a screening on the same day. Please make your reservation in advance to ensure a ticket for your personal assistant. We also recommend that you notify of your arrival at the theatre in advance, so we can ensure staff are available to help if necessary.


Cinema Orion

There are 2 wheelchair seats which are situated at the balcony of the cinema. A temporary wheelchair ramp can be put in place in a separate entrance, leading from a stairwell to the cinema’s balcony. Entering the cinema hall happens by two wheelchair ramps. The lower one is 180 cm long (ascending angle is approximately 32 degrees) so we recommend arriving with a personal assistant. The upper ramp is 150 cm long (ascending angle is 21 degrees). The width of the wheelchair ramps is 70 cm. Unfortunately, the ramps are not accessible with an electric wheelchair or without assistance and the restrooms and the ticket desk are not wheelchair accessible.

Please contact Orion (info(at) before arriving with a wheelchair to guarantee a smooth service.

Accessibility info on the Cinema Orion’s own website.


Kiasma Theatre

There is a wall switch that opens the front door of Kiasma. Kiasma Theatre is situated on the first floor at the opposite end of the building as seen from the main doors. The upper landing in Kiasma Theatre is fully accessible and there are two wheelchair spaces. If you need a wheelchair space, we recommend you contact Kiasma’s info beforehand. An induction loop system has been installed at the theatre.

Accessible restrooms are located on the first and fifth floors. 

Accessibility info on Kiasma’s own website.



The cinema halls are located on different floors and lifts can be used to move between the floors. The accessible entrance to Kinopalatsi is on the Mikonkatu side (Mikonkatu 17) and the lifts for wheelchair users are located next to the Mikonkatu entrance. 

Halls 1 and 2 have 2 wheelchair spaces per hall. In halls 5-10 there is 1 wheelchair space per hall.

In hall 1, the wheelchair space is on row 4, in hall 2 on row 1, in halls 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10 on row 10 and in hall 6 on row 6. There are no induction loops in the halls.

Accessible toilets can be found on floors 0, 1 and 3.

Please ask staff for assistance if needed.

All the accessibility information on Kinopalatsi’s own website is unforunately in Finnish.


Kino Regina

Kino Regina is located on the first floor of the Helsinki Central Library Oodi. The entrances to the theatre are the entrances of Oodi, all of which are accessible and equipped with electrically opening doors. The southern entrance has a sound beacon. The accessible route to Regina is signposted with markings on the floor. Access to the cinema hall is via wide corridors.

The hall has two wheelchair spaces. They are located in the front row, one at each end of the row. In addition, there is plenty of free space in front of the front row to accommodate wheelchair users. The doors leading into the hall are wide.

The Oodi’s accessible toilets are located on the K floor. Access is via a lift located between the café and Kino Regina. There is also one accessible toilet in the cinema auditorium next to the ticket office. The door is not open to the public and lacks a sign. The toilet is locked, but by asking staff for assistance it can be opened.

There is an induction loop in the hall and service point. A map of the coverage of the induction loop is available from the ticket inspector. The front and back rows are unfortunately outside the coverage area of the induction loop.

All accessibility information on Kino Regina’s website is unfortunately in Finnish.



The cinema entrance and ticket office are on the 1st floor. The cinema halls are located on the ground floor, which is accessible by lift. All the halls have one wheelchair space each and the accessible entrence to the halls is from the back of the hall. Please ask staff for assistance if needed.

The accessible toilets are situated in the main hall of the cinema. Unfortunately there is no induction loop in Kulttuurikasarmi.

Accessibility info on Kulttuurikasarmi’s own website.


Savoy Theatre

The entrance to Savoy Theatre is equipped with a wheelchair ramp, but please note that the front door is quite heavy. There is a ticket office in the lobby and a cloak room, both of which are accessible. In the lobby, there is also an accessible toilet near the foyer. The balcony in the hall is accessible only by stairs.

The hall has 4 wheelchair spaces and they are located in the stalls at the ends of the rows. 

The hall is equipped with an induction loop, which allows hearing aid users to listen to amplified sound without background noise. The induction loop works best (field strength variation of less than +/- 5 db) in rows 1-6 of the stalls and rows 7-10 of the stalls on seats 1-10 and 22-31.

There is a wheelchair lift from the lobby to the restaurant, but the restaurant is also accessible via the stalls for example during intermission. If you need to use the wheelchair lift, please ask the concierge to use it. 

Accessibility information on Savoy Theatre’s own website.



In the vicinity of Tennispalatsi, there is the possibility of disabled parking at Fredrikinkatu 61 and Malminkatu 3.

The entrance to the theatre is accessible by wheelchair as are all the inside spaces of the theatre.

Cinema hall 3 has 2 wheelchair spaces in the front row. Accessible entrance to the hall 3 is via a lift through the basement, guided by staff. 

An accessible toilet for customers is located on the 2nd floor. 

Accessibility information on Tennispalatsi’s own website is unfortunately only in Finnish.